About Us

Laboratory Elementary School

Our Mission

The University of Baguio Laboratory Elementary School (UBLES) provides the children with responsive and balanced education towards building a strong foundation for secondary education.

Our Objectives

Towards the attainment of its noble vision and mission, the UBLES aims to prepare a graduate who:
  • Exhibits a high standard of functional literacy;
  • Demonstrates talents and skills through wholesome learning opportunities;
  • Practices good manners and right conduct;
  • uses basic scientific skills in conducting simple laboratory investigations;
  • Participates in the promotion of a better community and environment; and
  • Displays exemplary performance in secondary education.

Our Faculty & Staff Development

In the University of Baguio Laboratory Elementary School’s constant pursuit of excellence, it ensures that its faculty and staff continue to hone their skills to keep staying relevant in their respective specializations and professions.

A needs assessment is done in order to allow the faculty to get the proper professional development they need. Faculty performances are also used to flush out inadequacies that need addressing. Once these needs and inadequacies are identified, a program is crafted to help.

In-house trainings, seminars, workshops, conferences, webinars, online courses, and immersions are all used as means to keep our faculty and staff more than ready and up to date with their skills and professional know-how.

Frequently Asked Questions

How about school service?

Yes, there are school service provider available in some places in Baguio City. The school will provide the details of the information during the pupils and parents’ orientation on August 9-1 2022. For those who would like to avail of the school service, please email us at ubles@e.ubaguio.edu for the contact info, parent’s complete name & address so we can coordinate with the service providers.

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Does the school require the pupil to wear a uniform?

Yes. The school requires all pupils to wear the school uniform both in an online and face-to-face classes. Old and new set of uniform and PE uniform are already available in the property office. For those who opted to attend in an online classes, proper attire is highly encouraged.

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How are the assessments performed?

Assessments are done through a variety of formats; there are quizzes, tests, discussions, and assignments. Pupils will accomplish all assessments during face-to-face classes. For pupils who are online, they are required to appear on video to take the assessments on a Hyflex mode. Hyflex means that pupils who are attending online will join the assessment synchronously with those attending face-to-face classes.

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How are the lessons delivered?

Lessons are delivered using Google Workspace through the use of the Google Classroom, Gmail and fb messenger group chat. Some examples of delivery are online discussion through Zoom or Google Meet, videos, PowerPoint presentations accompanied by teacher voiceover, interactive labs and models, external websites, online articles, discussion forums, along with other interactive tools.

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