UBLES Musical Competition 2024 Back to the Groove: Exploring the Timeless Beats of Retro Music

The University of Baguio Laboratory Elementary School celebrates the Musical Fest 2024, held on January 30, 2024, at UB Cardinal’s Gymnasium in celebration of UB’s 75th years of excellence. The event aims to foster student engagement in music and dance competitions with the theme “Back to the Groove: Exploring the Timeless Beats of Retro Music”, imbuing the event with nostalgia and energy from retro music. As the event started, the kindergarten students performed their intermission together with the teachers, where they impressed the audience with their energy and cheerfulness.

Highlights of the program are dancing competitions performed by grade level students and singing competitions performed by grade level students in the solo and duo categories wearing their costumes and retro styles. Ma’am Aries Patague and Sir Lexter Eligio were some of the chosen judges for the dancing competitions.

Also, Aiken Ramos from STELA and Ma’am Alicia were chosen as judges in the singing competition. The event would not be completed without the performance of teachers showcasing their flawless dance intermission on stage. The event was a resounding success, featuring entertainment competitions where audiences witnessed the talented students who showcased their skills with well-deserved prizes, bringing out the best in every individual.

The school commends the hard work and dedication of the organizers, Sir Mobzter Gonzales, Aladdin Callejo, Overall Coordinator, Ma’am Florianne Dangiwan, Activity Coordinator of the event, and all class advisers, teachers, staff, and student teachers for their commitment to producing an entertaining performance for the learners.

Written by John Paul Sabatin

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