UBLES Family Fun Day: Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family

In the spirit of fostering strong family bonds and creating memorable moments, The University of Baguio Laboratory Elementary School goes beyond academics to celebrate the essence of family connections and building stronger bonds. The event highlighted the importance of family where parents together with their children, as well as the faculty, parents, staff, PTCA Officers and Student Teachers of the school and non-teaching staff gathered to take part in a day of enjoyable activities and quality time. The event was held on February 17, 2024, strengthening the school’s dedication to build a strong community by bringing families together.

The school welcomed parents, alumni, guardians, siblings, and family members filled with memorable moments in different engaging activities. The celebration offered many engaging games and activities. As the program started, families were greeted and felt warmly welcomed by the school community. They attended the opening program at quadrangle area, showcasing their talents with their family members. On the first floor of the school, children actively participated in interactive art activities to show their creativity in family trees, face painting, and a photo booth, assisted by Grade 1 Instructors and Arts Club Advisers with the Student Teachers. On the second floor of the school, families were thrilled to play indoor games, assisted by the Grade 4 Instructors and their Student Teachers.

Families enjoyed the other games in clown shows, assisted by the Grade 3 Instructors and their Student Teachers. Additionally, a cinematic ambiance was provided by Grade 2 Teachers, assisted by their Student Teachers to watch the latest releases “Trolls 3″ and “Wonka”.  On the fourth floor, families enjoyed as they showcase their talent in singing karaoke. Other games offered on the court near the school include outdoor games provided by Grade 5 Instructors with their Student Teachers, families together with their children were filled with enjoyment and excitement playing games such as relay races and sack races.

The University of Baguio Laboratory Elementary School Family Day Celebration emphasized the significance of family bonds and relationships through engaging games and activities. The school established an environment where students and their families come together to celebrate each other. It is a testament to the school’s commitment to holistic education and well-being for the students

Written by John Paul Sabatin

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